Friday, January 20, 2017

Weekend Inspiration.

Whimsical rainbow llama illustrated by Argentinian artist, Sasa
With the current political climate, I needed cheering up and compiled some beauty for the weekend that immediately lifted my spirits. I hope you enjoy too. This whimsical rainbow llama illustrated by Argentinian artist, Sasa above is currently trending on tumblr and I can see why. It definitely puts a smile on ones face. We all need more rainbow llamas.

ice cream-yum!
eating ice cream always cheers me up

pink and green
pink and green-a therapeutic combo

beautiful illustration by Josie Wren
Nature is our natural healer and this beautiful illustration by Josie Wren makes me so happy! 

An inviting bathroom with claw foot tub.
a nice long soak in a claw foot tub with a glass of wine is sure to help, right?

green, lots of it- yes please!

yes- a positive one
yes-a positive one. 

Sending you lots of love for the weekend ahead. Be safe out there. xx

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Where to Find Me.

Gorgeous lounge space with gallery wall and a lovely fiddle leaf fig plant
I am taking the day off and will be right here. xx

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Bright and Happy Farmhouse.

Colorful velvet chairs add color pop in rustic living room

Great use of space in this entryway

Colorful living room

eat in kitchen

A cheery eat in kitchen

a place to sit

Bright and open living room

a charming bedroom with lovely details

A Charming Bedroom with Lovely Details

rustic details on the porch

Rustic meets colorful and fun! Love the vibe of this farmhouse spotted on nuevo estilo! xx